Gcam 8 for Realme 5 and 5 Pro

Gcam is a google camera application which is available only for google pixel smartphones.pixel cameras are worlds greatest cameras with stunning image quality.Google camera captures and processes images based on a software,with a single lens it gives stunning results.This article is about gcam 8 for Realme 5 and 5 pro.

Google made computational photography as their strength to pixel smartphones.


We can download gcam on your realme smartphones(thanks to developers for porting gcams and their updates)but to download gcam all we need is-

  • Your phone should have camera 2 api enabled(you can check through camera2api app)if not enabled you can do it by a process which requires root.
  • Camera 2 api should be full or level3.limited and legacy doesn’t support all modes and very few gcams available.
  • Download suitable version of gcam for your phone
  • Enable install from unknown sources in settings
  • Install the gcam.

**If you have already gcam installed on your phone clear storage and cache of that gcam by going to appinfo.Then restart your device and install new version.

Gcam 8 for Realme 5 and 5 pro

Gcam 8 is ported from pixel 5.There are a lot new changes this time both in photos and videos.

Changes from gcam 7 to 8-

  • A new customised UI
  • Night sight added to portrait
  • Slow motion and timelapse are added to video mode
  • New stabilisation modes-locked,active and cinematic pan.
  • Audio zoom is added(zooming in subject reduces noise and boosts sound)
  • Night mode is completely automatic.

What is HDR+ and HDR+ enhanced??-

Hdr is a high dynamic range capturing of photos.Photo looks more detailed and colors look natural.A normal photo can be captured by HDR+ mode.

HDR+ enhanced shoots multiple frames and combines them to give a more detailed image.you can use HDR+ enhanced for portraits,moving objects,sky,pets…..

This time google removed HDR+ control and added instantaneous HDR.

Night sight-

Night sight is completely automatic with gcam 8.There is a bit of change in it.colors look more detailed in night sight.this version of gcam is a bit laggy as this just crossed alpha stage.stable build will release soon.


Astrophotography is working well, no change in  it this time.

But it looks super cool.

To shoot astrophotography place your phone on a tripod 

Choose dark location with low light pollution

Set the timer to 3 seconds(use of bluetooth shutter is recommended)

Press the shutter i takes some time(1min-4min)

Wait for the result 

The results look stunning.

Portrait and nightsight in portrait

Gcam portraits are the best in both quality and edge detection.

This time google added nightsight to the portrait.

Photos look sharp and decent in night sight portraits.


No big changes in video shooting.you can shoot [email protected] and 60fps.

But there are changes in video stabilisation

Google added 3 new video stabilisation modes. 

locked,active and cinematic pan.

Cinematic pan is just amazing.

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