Gcam 8 for Redmi Note 9s

Gcam 8 is available now which is ported from pixel-5.Maximum redmi mobiles support gcam as they have pre enabled camera2api.This article is about gcam 8 for Redmi note 9S

Changes on Gcam 8

There are lots of improvements from gcam 7 to 8.

  • New UI
  • Video stabilisation modes-active,locked,cinematic pan
  • Nightsight is automatic
  • Slow Motion and timelapse are at video mode now
  • Audio zoom is added.

Gcam 8 for Redmi Note 9s

To install gcam your device must have pre enabled camera2api.

If you use gcamon your phone already,then no need to check it.

Before installing-if you installed any gcam before/you are using gcam already,then-

  • Open appinfo of the gcam
  • Clear storage and cache
  • Then uninstall the gcam 
  • Restart your device.

Now install the gcam 8,if you don’t follow these steps before installing the gcam it will either crash or any other error will occur.


This gcam shoots HDR+ images which are in high quality and detailing.

We’ve seen HDR+ and HDR+ enhanced in previous gcams but this gcam doesn’t have hdr control it instantaneously uses based on lighting and subject.

Change your input device to older pixels rather than pixel 5 to use HDR control.

Portrait and portrait nightsight-

Portrait mode is working well,edge detection is perfect, same as version 7.

Night sight is added to portrait in gcam-8,you can now shoot portraits in low light too.


With gcam 8 you can shoot nightsight from the normal camera mode.\

When it detects low light it changes to night sight automatically.

You don’t need to shift to night sight until you decide to shoot astrophotography.


There are no big changes in astrophotography,except the viewfinder.

Choose a better spot with low light pollution and place your phone on a tripod and click the shutter and wait for the magic.

Your phone processor should be greater than snapdragon-670 then only it works well.


In gcam-8 we can shoot video upto  [email protected] 60fps.

There are new video stabilisation modes(a great upgrade)

  • Active
  • Locked
  • cinematic pan

Change your input device to pixel 5 to shoot this modes

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